Q. What is the history of KIT KAT?

KIT KAT is now in its 81st year. It was launched in the year 1935 in United Kingdom.

Timeline of KIT KAT's history:

August 29th 1935: First manufacture of the four-finger wafer in York. This is then sold in London and the South East of England as Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp.

1937: George Harris, Marketing Director for Rowntree, re-branded the product as KIT KAT Chocolate Crisp. This year also heralds the first use of the word 'Break' in KIT KAT advertising.

1942: During the Second World War due to a shortage of ingredients including milk, Rowntree altered the recipe of KIT KAT Chocolate Crisp. The wrapper was changed to blue and the oval logo was removed along with the Chocolate Crisp. KIT KAT was written in bold.

1949: KIT KAT returned to its original milk recipe and the glory of its red wrapper.

1950s: Global International expansion in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada

1958: Donald Gilles, executive at advertising agency JWT London, creates the classic advertising line: 'Have a Break, Have a KIT KAT'

1970s: Expansion of KIT KAT in Europe with manufacturing commencing in Hamburg, Germany.

1988: Nestlé acquires Rowntree

1989: KIT KAT production begins in a new Nestlé facility in Kasumigaura, Japan.

1990s: Manufacturing operations set up in Malaysia, India, China.

2000s: Manufacturing operations set up in Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey and Venezuela.

2002: KIT KAT Chunky expanded to Central and Eastern Europe.

2006: KIT KAT to become one of the first companies in the UK and Ireland to introduce Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) on the front of KIT KAT packs. Today over 90% of the packs, including the catering sized packs carry GDA information.

2010: 75 years of KIT KAT.

Q. How long has KIT KAT been in India?

KIT KAT has been in India since 1995 and it is now enjoying its 21st year in the country.

Q. Is KIT KAT completely vegetarian?

We would like to assure you that all variants of KIT KAT manufactured in India are 100% vegetarian. All the ingredients are clearly listed on the back of pack for reference. In addition, all vegetarian products from Nestlé carry the green dot symbol. You can continue enjoying your favorite KIT KAT with absolute confidence.

Q. Can you tell me some fun facts about KIT KAT?

1. The KIT KAT name originates from the late 17th century in London, where a literary club met at a pie shop owned by pastry chef Christopher Catling. The group was called the KIT KAT club and took its name from an abbreviated version of the owner's name.

2. With around 540 KIT KAT fingers consumed every second worldwide and 17.6 billion fingers sold every year, KIT KAT got featured in the Guinness Book of Records in March 2010.